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  • Graduate Accepted Students

Once you've registered for your course(s), it takes up to 2 days for you to be added to your course(s) in Bridges, our online course management system. All fully online courses at RWU will be taught in Bridges. Faculty who teach directed seminars or traditional on-campus courses also have the option of using Bridges to supplement their courses. It is best to check Bridges at: and click on the My Sites tab to access your course(s) by term to determine if your faculty member is using this system. Also be aware that faculty can choose when to make their courses available to students. If they are still working on their courses you may not see them listed when you log in. When in doubt you can send your instructor an e-mail to inquire when the course will be available to you. When you are granted access, you can access your course(s) by clicking on the link below. This link is always available by browsing to the main RWU website and clicking on "Current Students".


Be sure to check your Bridges access as soon as possible. If you cannot access your cours(s) after 2 days, contact the Help Desk at or (401) 254-5200.